In the past few decades, the food and beverage industry has transformed from small to medium-sized and large companies. Due to the optimized process steps, the vacuum pumps and compressors have become indispensable.

Degassing of mineral water

Mineral water obtained from natural sources contains carbonic acid, minerals and iron. This iron, dissolved in water, oxidizes when it comes into contact with air, resulting in an unpleasant taste in the water. During the de-ironing of the water, which takes place at a pressure of approx. 50 mbar, the carbonic acid must first be removed using a vacuum pump and later added again in order to get sparkling water.
Relevant technology: liquid ringside channel 

salmon slaughtering machines

There are processes in the food industry in which the innards of a salmon are gutted mechanically. With a cycle time of just 3 seconds per fish, the amount of material to be processed is significant. The resulting waste products of salt water, fats, proteins and fish remains are sucked off via a side channel compressor next to the salmon slaughtering machine.
Relevant technology: side channel

vacuum suction

Packaging processes place high demands on the vacuum pumps used, since not only air but also steam, fats and spices are sucked in during evacuation. Due to high quality requirements regarding taste, color, homogeneity and shelf life, especially in meat and sausage processing, vacuum has to be used more and more frequently, e.g. in sausage fillers, tumblers, cutters
Relevant technology: Rotary valve, screw, side channel

Examples of technology use:

  • Blowing off vegetables/cabbage leaves: side channel
  • Filling machines in breweries: liquid ring, rotary vane
  • Equipment for weight loss: liquid ring
  • Humidification of tobacco: liquid ring 
  • Deodorization of salad oil and fats: liquid ring
  • Degassing of mineral water: liquid ring, side channel
  • Filtration systems Filtration systems: liquid ring
  • Poultry processing: liquid ring
  • Production of sausages: liquid ring
  • coffee roasting: side channel 
  • Potato ventilation: side channel
  • Food preservation: liquid ring 
  • Salmon slaughtering machines: side channel
  • Milk milking systems: Liquid ring, side channel, rotary vane
  • milk processing: liquid ring, side channel
  • Ham drying: liquid ring, side channel 
  • Chocolate Making: liquid ring, side channel 
  • Seawater desalination: liquid ring 
  • Sterilizing Tea and Spices: liquid ring
  • Vacuum Suction: Rotary valve, screw, side channel 
  • Sugar production: liquid ring

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