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Vacuum pumps, compressors and pressure pumps 

The expectations for vacuum and compressed air pumps can be very different. Perhaps a dry running over an oil-lubricated pump must be preferred or an old system replaced by an energy and space-saving or less noisy system. 

In order to simplify the right decision for our customers, we offer a wide range of technologies that meet all requirements and requirements for vacuum and compressed air solutions. 


Vacuum pumps, which differ according to their vacuum produced and their technology, serve the purpose of producing vacuum by means of a technical process. In recent years, the dry rotors have increasingly prevailed in vacuum technology, in which oil or other auxiliary fluids are dispensed with and, for example, replaced by special self-lubricating material. The vacuum pumps are thus virtually maintenance-free and significantly reduce the downtime.


The compression process is achieved by an intake volume which, with a corresponding operating pressure, reduces the gas in its volume. The terms pump and compressor are used interchangeably, but there is a big difference: Pumps are machines which pressurize and move liquid or gas from one place to another. Compressors are machines which squeeze a gas into a smaller volume and pump it somewhere else at the same time. Compressor pumps generally work…


The third operating mode – combined pressure vacuum, we offer from various manufacturers:
long lasting, low maintenance of the
dry running rotary pressure pumps

low-pulsation, multi-stage compression and optimum efficiency of the
side channel pressure vacuum pumps

consistently high pumping speed and precise operation of the
claw pressure vacuum pumps


The selection of the devices should consider the entire variety of the market to match your requirements. The following criteria should be met for the selection of an economic vacuum and compressed air supply:

  • extensive product spectrum
  • innovative consulting
  • competent consulting
  • individual support
  • reliable after sales service


Service quantities and supplies from leading manufacturers

High-quality spare and wearing parts ensure high reliability of your air supply system, also after usage of many years.
By using original spare parts, maintenance cost are minimized and the positive properties of devices are maintained after repair and maintenance.
Our extensive store offers prompt availability of numerous parts and accessories.