Ehrler & Beck offers a wide range of pumps with a variety of technology operating principles. Each functional principle has different advantages and disadvantages. The staff at Ehrler & Beck will help you make the right decision. Please do not hesitate to contact us for a free consultation. We offer products with the following technologies:

vacuum pumps


Vacuum pumps, which differ according to the vacuum they generate and their technology, serve the purpose of generating a vacuum using a technical process. In recent years, so-called "dry-running" vacuum technology has become increasingly popular, i.e. machine types in which oil or other auxiliary liquids...


If the gas in a volume is reduced, then we are talking about compressing or condensing. Fluid energy machines, with which gases are compressed, are therefore called compressors. The compression process is achieved by an intake volume, which reduces the volume of the gas with a corresponding operating pressure.


Of course, we supplement the series with the two operating modes vacuum and pressure with the third operating mode – combined pressure-vacuum. Dry-running rotary vane vacuum pumps, side channel pressure vacuum pumps and claw pressure vacuum pumps from various manufacturers are available for this purpose.

Edwards Stokes Roots pumps


Extensive range of accessories for various pumps from different manufacturers.

Ehrler und Beck offers an extensive range of accessories to expand the use of vacuum pumps, compressors, pressure-vacuum pumps and various systems. Ehrler and Beck will help you choose the right accessories for the right pump.


We have an extensive range of original spare parts and accessories in stock.

On the one hand, the use of original parts minimizes maintenance costs, on the other hand, the positive properties of the devices are retained after repair and maintenance work. The immediate availability of all spare and wear parts ensures a high level of reliability of the systems - even after years of use.


Ehrler und Beck also offers you individual customer solutions in the field of system and plant construction.
Benefit from the combination of different technologies and manufacturers to find the most ideal solution for you.

compressor | Compressor | fan

Rotary vane, oil-free

With a simple design and equipped with only one shaft and direct drive, the result is robust and durable compressors with low maintenance and running costs. These vacuum pumps operate entirely…

side channel

Side channel compressors generate low-pulsation blown air due to their internal "multi-stage" compression. The optimal impeller design with curved impeller blades guarantees optimal efficiency. The…

Claw Vacuum Pumps

claw compactor

Claw compressors have been specially developed for industrial applications where constant vacuum, high pumping speed and complete oil-free compression are essential. Compared to the traditional…

rotary piston

These compact root blowers, also known as boosters, belong to the group of dry-running positive displacement pumps. This means that there is no oil or grease in the compression chamber...

centrifugal compressor

Centrifugal fans, also known as centrifugal compressors, are a reliable, compact and safe technology in the vacuum and pressure fields. There are single-stage and multi-stage versions. Typical…


Centrifugal fans, also known as centrifugal compressors, are a reliable, compact and safe technology in the vacuum and pressure fields. There are single-stage and multi-stage versions. Typical…

Combined pressure-vacuum pumps

Rotary vane pressure-vacuum pumps

The simple construction with only one shaft and a direct drive results in robust, long-life pressure-vacuum pumps with low maintenance and operating costs. The pressure-vacuum pumps work completely oil-free...

Side channel pressure vacuum pumps

With "multi-stage" compression, side channel pressure/vacuum generators generate low-pulsation suction and blowing air. Perfect impeller design with curved blades guarantees optimal efficiency...

Claw Vacuum Pumps

Claw Pressure Vacuum Pumps

Modern claw pressure vacuum pumps operate oil-free pressure and vacuum can be combined in a single claw stage. All operating points on the pressure and suction side work. (KLR series) with opportunity charging of air. claw…