Screw compressors come as oil lubricated or oil free, and air or water cooled. In any case, these compressors offer reliability, efficient operation and extremely easy maintenance. Most models come with an integrated frequency converter. During the past year, screw compressors have evolved, offering lower noise levels and lower energy requirements than ever before. These robust machines form the backbone of the industry. The BOGE BLUEKAT series screw compressors allow you to produce class 0 oil-free compressed air and also save you the trouble of disposing of the condensate.

operating principle

Inside the pump housing, without contact and with very narrow gaps, two parallel helical rotors rotate (AWAY) in the opposite direction. The rotation is controlled by a precision gear (D) synchronized. A screw rotor has a left-hand thread, another has a right-hand thread. compression chambers (E) are formed with the compressor housing by the special shape of the screw rotors. Due to the opposite rotation of the two screws, the one with the suction connection (G) connected chamber increases and transports the gas into the compression chamber. The arrow indicates the axial displacement of the chambers in the housing. On the pressure side, the chamber is pushed against the axial housing wall and the volume is reduced until the face of the screw opens the pressure channel and the pre-compressed gas flows through the pressure port (f) is discharged. Cooling is provided by water chambers (H), additional cooling gas and similar methods, depending on the manufacturer and the size of the pump.
* This description does not reflect each manufacturer's approach to the technology, but represents a general description that attempts to include the basic operating principle.


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