Leybold Dryvac DV650 (exhibition machine)

The dry compression Laybold DRYVAC 650 screw vacuum pump is an excellent solution for many industrial vacuum processes that require high pumping speeds from atmospheric pressure to the lower pressure range. This pump operates completely oil-free, minimizing the risk of contamination even in harsh environmental conditions. With a final pressure capacity of 5*10^-3 mbar and a nominal power of 15 kW, the DRYVAC 650 offers impressive performance. It is operated with a voltage range of 380-460V and has an LVO 210 system. Thanks to the DRYVAC 650's robust construction and high efficiency, operating and maintenance costs are minimal.

Manufacturer: Leybold

Year of construction: 2019

Product Type: Vacuum Pumps

Technology: screw vacuum pumps

Price: €18,336.00