Leybold CP65 (exhibition machine)

The CLAWVAC CP 65 from Leybold is a dry-running, single-stage claw vacuum pump with excellent efficiency and durability. It is operated by a three-phase motor with 400 V, 50 Hz and 1.8 kW/2.4 HP and reaches a speed of 3000 min-1 at 50 Hz. The pump has a maximum suction speed of 65 m³/h at 50 Hz and reaches a final pressure of 50 mbar. The CLAWVAC CP 65 is characterized by low maintenance costs and excellent efficiency. It is housed in a housing with a drive motor and gearbox, which ensures safe and easy operation.

Manufacturer: Leybold

Year of construction: 2019

Product Type: Vacuum Pumps

Technology: claw vacuum pumps

Price: €4,000.00