Becker DVT 3.100 (overhauled)

The robustly constructed rotary vane pump DVT 3.100 from Becker, with a capacity of 103 m³/h and an output of 4.4 kW, is suitable for higher pressure differences in vacuum and/or pressure applications. This completely overhauled pump has an ultimate pressure of +/- 0.6 bar and features eccentric bearing rotation in a cylindrical housing. It has precisely fitting slides in slots that separate the individual working chambers from one another. All wearing parts have been replaced to ensure maximum efficiency and longevity. We offer a one-year guarantee on this completely overhauled pump.

Manufacturer: Becker

Year of construction: 2019

Product Type: Pressure Vacuum Pumps

Technology: rotary vane pressure-vacuum pumps

Price: €1,890.00