In the wood industry, vacuum pumps and compressors are used for a variety of applications. The use of vacuum technology increases the profitability and efficiency of work processes.


Before or after processing, wood must be protected from the destructive effects of environmental influences such as heat, moisture, insects and microorganisms. The widespread immersion in an impregnation solution has the disadvantage that this liquid can only penetrate a few millimeters into the wood. However, complete protection can be achieved by degassing and drying the wood using a vacuum pump. The impregnating agent can then penetrate much deeper and improve the protective effect.

Lift & Hold

For safe processing of workpieces, these are automatically clamped to the processing table via suction cups. A permanently constant minimum vacuum must be generated in order to ensure that the workpiece is held securely during mechanical processing.

wood drying

The drying times of conventional wood drying chambers can be shortened by using vacuum dryers: several weeks become 3 to 4 days. During the drying process, the pressure in the chamber is gradually reduced to the minimum pressure. The chamber is pressurized with steam and the air is extracted to avoid cracks in the wood and color changes that can occur when the oxygen level is too high. Centrifugal fans circulate the steam and transport the heat to the wood. Furthermore, steam condensate (solvents, fatty acids, etc.) are extracted from the wood drying chamber.

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