Due to the special mechanical and specific properties of paper, many operations in the printing and paper industry can only be carried out with the help of suction and blown air.

Before the "pressure" comes the vacuum. This play on words is often used to describe what is primarily required in prepress. Be it for fixing photos and films during scanning or for copying plates - vacuum is required almost everywhere. However, it would be wrong to assume that only negative pressure is used; compressed air is also used in the area of film and printing plate guidance.

Pressure and vacuum have always been essential for handling the printing material on classic sheet-fed offset printing machines: be it in the feeder area for separating the sheets, feeding the printing units or guiding the sheets, air is required everywhere and in a specific printing area.

Almost all principles are used in what is certainly the most extensive area of the paper processing industry: side channel fans on folding and cutting machines, pressure-vacuum pumps and separately working systems on gathering and bookbinding machines or radial fans for the extraction of paper residue.

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