Oil-free and dry air is essential in metal processing. This high-quality air is used, for example, for the treatment and processing of stainless steel and for laser cutting.


Vacuum dryers are used to treat wet masses from filter or centrifugation processes in the metallurgical industry. The main function of the compressor here is the separation of the pumped medium and solids. Compared to other drying systems, it offers lower energy consumption, smoother running and high positioning flexibility.

Sandblasting or recovery of abrasive materials

This is a mechanical process in which the surface of a material is abraded with sand or air. It is primarily used for surface cleaning of metals prior to painting. This system is often used as an alternative to the free blasting process, as it does not have the same environmental and safety-related problems. Because there is no dust or abrasive materials here and waste disposal is also regulated.

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