In modern medicine, precision and reliability count. Especially when it comes to maximum performance - day after day.

Some areas of application:

  • suction in dental equipment
  • chairlift
  • Steam sterilization (autoclaving) – liquid ring
    • instruments
    • textiles (laundry)
    • bandages
  • air beds
  • Technical and medical ventilation equipment
  • Central vacuum systems

suction in dental equipment

In dental devices, the negative pressure is used to collect liquids such as emptying the spittoon, sprayed cooling water from the drill and secretions such as e.g. B. saliva or blood to aspirate. Corrosion-protected side channel blowers must be used for this area of application.
Relevant technology: side channelrotary vane

Central vacuum systems

In clinics and outpatient surgical practices, the liquids that occur during operations are sucked out in the individual operating rooms via a central vacuum system. The coarse particles are then separated from the fine particles in a separator near the surgical area and properly disposed of. The vacuum system itself can also be installed at a greater distance, as there is often no space near the operating area.
Relevant technology: liquid ringrotary vaneclaw

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