Large volume flows of compressed air and vacuum are required for hollow glass production. The reliability and quality of all aggregates and components is the top priority, as production downtimes result in extremely high follow-up costs. When production runs 24 hours a day, rotary vane compressors and rotary vane vacuum pumps are the ideal solution.
Compressed air is used in the glass industry to shape the blanks in the production machines. A compressed air network is also required to control the various transfer devices and for the general factory compressed air supply.

Rotary vane vacuum pumps are used to evacuate the glass molds. This also ensures product quality from the point of view of increasing the number of items. Vacuum pumping stations are used for larger volumes. These two-stage systems consist of Roots and rotary vane vacuum pumps and are also used in the glass industry for the manufacture of light bulbs and fluorescent tubes.

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