Becker VT 4.40 (Overhauled)

The Becker VT 4.40 rotary vane vacuum pump is a completely remanufactured, oil-free industrial rotary vane vacuum pump available from Ehrler and Beck. It offers 100% oil-free operation and features quiet and cool operation. With an output of 40 m³/h and 1.5 kW, it achieves a final pressure of 150 mbar. A direct drive and an included vacuum regulator ensure efficiency and control. The pump is characterized by its long service life and minimal maintenance, which is guaranteed by the replacement of all wearing parts during the overhaul. An inlet filter and exhaust muffler are also included. We offer a one year guarantee on this completely remanufactured pump.

Manufacturer: Becker

Year of construction: 2015

Product Type: Vacuum Pumps

Technology: rotary vane vacuum pump

Price: €898.00